Derzhavin Award

3 December 2019

Derzhavin Chess Tournament was successfully completed

Anton Zlatkov is the winner of the youth chess tournament “Derzhavin 2019” which was played this weekend in Bitola, where he gained the same points as […]
13 April 2019

The best high-school graduates were awarded at #DerzhaWIN2019 in Bitola

The intellectual game #DerzhaWIN2019 in Bitola is a game of skills, knowledge, creativity, ability to manage, time management and intelligence management, organized by the International Slavic […]
5 May 2017

The final of the Oratory Days 2017

Today at the International Slavic University, G. D. Derzhavin, was held the final of the Oratory Day organized by the Faculty of Law. Students from the […]
28 April 2017

The semi-final of the Oratory Days 2017

Today, on 28.04.2017, organized by the International Slavic University G. R. Derzhavin, at the Faculty of Law, was held the semi-finals on the orator’s day. Students […]
12 October 2016

“Derzhavin” awarded in Bitola

Today in the premises of the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin “in Bitola,  poet Jovan Strezovski,  received the” Derzhavin “award, which is awarded for the […]
4 September 2016

The poet Jovan Strezovski, winner of the “Derzhavin”

The poet Jovan Strezovski is the winner of the “Derzhavin” award, which is given for the best poetry collection published in the period from July 2015 […]