Awards for the best graduates in the intellectual game #DerzhaWIN

PhD Marija Grozdanovska at the tribune on the subject „Dealing with a speech of hate“
27 April 2018
Signed the agreement for postgraduate studies with the Faculty of economics in Ljubljana
1 May 2018

Awards for the best graduates in the intellectual game #DerzhaWIN

The Intelectual game #DerzhaWIN is a game of skills, knowledge, creativity, ability to navigate, management of time and intelligence. A total of 25 tandems from all over Macedonia competed for high scholarships at the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin “.

Aleksandra and Jovana from Gevgelija took the first place, Dmitar and Petar from Bitola took the second place and the third place Elena and Anastasia from Vinica.

Because all the graduates had high scores, we have decided to give vouchers for all the graduates which will decide to enroll this year on our university. The vouchers will arrive on their home addresses.

Students, rather than being tested in an area that has been studied little or have not been studied at all, had the opportunity to prove their acquired knowledge and skills through the game. Results from the intellectual game #DerzhaWIN.