An intellectual game for the tandem scholarship DerzhaWIN!

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20 February 2018
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28 February 2018

An intellectual game for the tandem scholarship DerzhaWIN!


Nobody wants boring things. Why  do high school graduates want  it then ?!

That’s why we decided to make a new challenge this year! Instead of the classic scholarship testing, we decided to introduce the innovative intellectual game DerzhaWIN for tandem scholarships, which will be held in Sveti Nikole and Bitola. You can win a scholarship together with your best friend and study together.

But first let’s say:

What is the intellectual game DerzhaWIN?

The DerzhaWIN intellectual game is a game of skills, knowledge, creativity, ability to manage, time management and intelligence. Students, rather than being tested in an area that has been studied little or have not studied at all, will have the opportunity to prove their acquired knowledge and skills through the game.

Конкурс за стипендии – интелектуална игра DerzhaWIN

Годинава решивме да направиме нов предизвик за матурантите! Наместо класичното тестирање за стипендии, ја воведуваме иновативната интелектуална игра #DerzhaWIN за тандем стипендии, која ќе се одржи во Свети Николе и Битола. Така, можете да освоите стипендија заедно со Вашиот најдобар пријател и да студирате заедно.Дознајте повеќе на:

Posted by Меѓународен Славјански Универзитет „Г. Р. Державин“ on Saturday, March 17, 2018


What kind of questions will the test have?

In the intellectual game will be covered various puzzles, creative tasks, logical questions, issues in the field of languages, geography, technology and the like.

Through this game and the questions that will be part of it, candidates will be able to get acquainted with the fields that cover our faculties and what the student life of our university looks like. And for a reward you can get a full or partial scholarship!

Each of the applicants will be able to choose one of the five faculties of the ISU for which they apply. If, for example, select informatics, questions and tasks in the intellectual game will be more in the field of computer science.Тек и правила на играта

Graduates apply by completing the electronic application given on this page. They can apply for a competition in Sveti Nikole or in Bitola.

For all registered candidates on the day of the game will be organized free transportation to our university and back. All candidates are placed in the university’s amphitheater, where our team will explain the rules of the game and give directions for better play.

You will compete in two candidates together (tandem team). All tandem teams are competing against each other. Each of the reported groups will extract a name (code), and the code will be followed by a pre-prepared route with 14 points (7 + 7), a student’s record book and a map with the university premises. All groups will have to move only after the given route through the university premises and solve the tasks and problems that “will get them down the road”.

No tandem team will have the same route and no tandem team will have exactly the same questions and tasks.

After solving any task or problem, the professors will give assessments of the tandem teams according to the accuracy of the response and how to handle the task. Each tandem team must have a total of 14 points across the university according to the route, which means that it should collect a total of 14 ratings in the student’s record book.

The ranking of the tandem teams will be according to the average they will collect. The scores will be from 5 to 10, and the tandem team with the best average will be ranked the highest

These are the assessments that can be given according to the completed tasks:

grade 5 – can not answer the question / task
grade 6 – gives a response corresponding to the key with very few arguments and is outside the time frames provided for the question
grade 7 – gives an incomplete response corresponding to the key
grade 8 – timely response corresponding to the key, but there is a lack of key facts
grade 9 – timely response corresponding to the key, with minor defects
grade 10 – timely response corresponding to the key

Do you need pre-game preparation?

No, no previous preparation for the intellectual play DerzhaWIN is needed.


The Commission for Assessment of Tasks will be composed of our best professors and assistants. They will guide you through the game, give you assignments, and they will try to teach you some key things related to the field in which they teach.Кога ќе се одржи играта?

In Sveti Nikole, the intellectual game will be held on April 21st at 12:00 h, and in Bitola on April 28th, beginning at 12 h.

  Sveti Nikole Bitola
Date 21st 21st of April 28th of April
Time 12:00 h 12:00 h
Location ISU„G. R. DERZAWIN“
Sveti Nikole


The awards are scholarships at the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin “with the possibility of continuing in the coming years.

1st place. 1000 EUR scholarship for the two participants
2nd place. 750 Euros scholarship for the two participants
3rd place. 500 Euros scholarship for the two participants

Special awards:
100 Euros scholarship for the participants who will be the fastest tandem team
100 Euros scholarship for the participants who will have a maximum of 10.

For which faculties are the scholarships?

Scholarships can be used for the faculty of the ISU who will select the participants themselves. The two participants competing as a tandem team should choose the same faculty.

Tandem scholarships

Tandem scholarships are scholarships awarded to two applicants who have joined together to participate in the intellectual game. We from Slavjansk believe that studying is a very important part of every person’s life. Although building a successful career is the number one reason why high school graduates are enrolled in college, we think that it is equally important for a student to have a quality social life.

Why tandem?

Going to college with your best friend or your buddy can make the lessons more pleasant. Friendships that are acquired during studies often remain for a lifetime, and you will always have a colleague in whom you trust.

Who can apply?

All students who are currently in the final year in high school – high school graduates 2017/2018 have the right to apply.


Applying is free of charge and is done by filling out an electronic application that can be found at the bottom of this page (the application will be available by 10 April 2018) / As proof of their student status, all applicants must upload a photograph of school booklet (first page) or a photo of a third year high school diploma.


The results of the intellectual game will be known immediately after the end of the game. All grades that will be inscribed in the “indexes” will be checked by the commission, which will then publicly announce the winners, as well as the results of the other tandem teams.

The winner will be the tandem team with the highest average.

If the competitors from the first, second or third place have equal points are resumed with short elimination games until you get a winner.

Conditions for using the scholarship

A condition for using the scholarship is for students to pass high school. In order to continue the scholarship in the next years of study, the person should hold an average of 8.5 each year.

Апликација за интелектуална игра #DerzhaWIN2020

Лични податоци за кандидатите:

Доколку живеете во различни населени места, Ве молиме наведете ги и двете. Прво наведете го местото на живеење на првиот кандидат, потоа на вториот.

Овој број ќе биде користен за да стапиме во контакт со Вас доколку има технички проблеми со материјалите кои ни ги имате доставено.

Доколку учите во различни училишта наведете ги и двете заедно со градовите. Прво наведете го училиштето на првиот кандидат, потоа на вториот.


Максимална големина на документ 5 MB. Дозволени формати се jpg, jpeg, png.


Максимална големина на документ 5 MB. Дозволени формати се jpg, jpeg, png.

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