The Erasmus+ experience in Nish of our students Kamelija and Natalija

Erasmus+ experience in Novi Sad of our student Emilija Ristevska
31 July 2020
Известување за пристигнати дела на конкурсот „Јас, Итар Пејо“
8 October 2020

The Erasmus+ experience in Nish of our students Kamelija and Natalija

Starting from 2019, the ISU has started the first student exchanges through the Erasmus+ program. The Erasmus+ program enabled our students to pass one semester studying on different universities around Europe. This semester was specific because the corona virus closed all universities, but still through online teaching we enabled our students to finish the student exchanges.

To get familiar with the meaning of student exchange through Erasmus+ and how the studies look like in corona time we share our students experience Kamelija Ilieva and Natalija Risteska, students on Faculty of Psychology.

„To visit another country like a tourist is really interesting, but the chance to pass a few months in another place gives more. We had that type of experience thanks to Erasmus+ program and we want to thank the coordinator Jasmina Presilska and the whole administration from the university that gave us the chance to be part from all of this, that we were informed about everything on time and for all the support we had.“

„We stayed five months in Nish, Serbia and the sixth semester from our studies we passed on the University in Nish, on the Faculty of Psychology. We are really satisfied from the organisation on the faculty, it offers many information and different views that made our knowledge richer.“

Corona virus and Erasmus+

„Because of the situation with the corona virus, the teaching methods were changed and we easily adjusted to the online studying and the other given activities. Big support and understanding was given from the professors on the faculty, and we are also thankful to the office for international cooperation on the university that helped us with the whole staying there.“

Erasmus+ for everyone

„Erasmus+ program is incredible and unforgettable experience through which you can visit beautiful places, meet new people and make more friendships.

Although our trip wasn’t far away, it was a chance to see the world in different perspective, to expand our views and most important, to make memories that we are going to remember our whole life.

We highly recommend to all the students to try this educational but also life adventure which they are going to remember forever.“