Innovative coloring books created by our students

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10 September 2017
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Innovative coloring books created by our students

From today, an  innovative coloring books can be bought at markets in Macedonia that inspire children to begin to  do creative activities. It’s about Smart coloring books, which can be used along with a specially designed application that is designed for smartphones and tablets, through which the characters from the coloring book  look like live characters. The application detects the page from the coloring book and displays the 3D characters that can speak, dance, and say a lot of wise things on the screen!

Смарт боенка – Принцезата Лиле

По Pokemon Go, во Македонија доаѓаат смарт боенките со ликови кои оживуваат директно на екранот од Вашиот смартфон или таблет.Секоја од нашите боенки може да се користи заедно со специјално дизајнирана апликација која е наменета за смартфони и таблети, преку која оживуваат ликовите од боенката. Апликацијата ја детектира страницата од боенката и ги вчитува ликовите кои можат да зборуваат, да танцуваат и да кажуваат многу поучни работи!

Posted by Смарт боенки on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coloring books are very important for the development of children’s creativity and from an early age they offer the opportunity to express themselves creatively. But with the emergence of digital devices, children began to become disinterested in this way of expression. Therefore, we have created a bridge between the real and the digital world, “says the team of students who made this project in Macedonia.

The project lasted 3 months (June, July and August 2017), and it was attended by students from International Slavic University” G. R. Derzhavin “studying at the Faculty of Informatics and the Faculty of Economics. The project was realized with the help of the Internacional center for Slavic education at the university, where all the designs were performed.

The project is licensed by a Russian company, which is trying to find innovative ways to encourage children to use books.

The app for smartphones and tablets can be installed on Android (4.0 or newer), as well as iPhone (4 or newer) and iPad (2 or newer). In order to be able to use the application, you need to enter the activation code that is located under the back cover of the coloring book . Each color comes with a unique activation code that is generated for each copy of the coloring book separately. All the measures for protecting the code have been taken by the publisher.

In the first month (until October 12th, 2017), the coloring books will be sold at promotional prices and will be available for ordering on the following website