Call for enrolling candidates on doctoral studies, Bulgaria 2021/2022

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18 November 2017
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28 November 2017

Call for enrolling candidates on doctoral studies, Bulgaria 2021/2022

The University from Veliko Trnovo “ Cyril and Methodius” – R. of Bulgaria, announces a CALL FOR ENROLLING CANDIDATES ON DOCTORAL STUDIES (third cycle of studies).

 In accordance with the bilateral agreement signed between the International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzavin” and the University from Veliko Trnovo, the candidates will be enrolled at the Slavic University.

Necessary documents:

Necessary documents for enrollment on the third cycle of studies (Doctoral studies)

  • A copy of a diploma of completed secondary education, notarized
    • A copy of the Bachelor’s degree (first cycle) diploma, notarized
    • A copy of the Certificate for the passed examinations of undergraduate studies (first cycle), notarized
    • A copy of the Master’s degree (second cycle) diploma, notarized
    • A copy of the Certificate for the passed examinations of the master studies (second cycle), notarized
    • A copy of the passport, notarized
    • Personal biography – CV

Curricula for doctoral studies:





1.2. Pedagogy
Theory of education and didactics
Specialized pedagogy
1.3. Pedagogy of teaching in.. Methodology of teaching Bulgarian language and literature


Methodology of teaching Bulgarian language and literature
Methodology of teaching foreign language
Methodology of teaching mathematics
Methodology of teaching bit and technology
Methodology of teaching in fine arts
Methodology of teaching for man and society, man and nature, Pedagogy of interacting child-environment
Methodology of teaching in geography
Methodology of teaching music
Theory and methodology of physical education and sports training
2.1. Philology Bulgarian literature
Theory of literature
Russian literature and literature of the people of Russia
Literature of the people of Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia
Folklore / incl. bulgarian foklore, Slavic folklore /
General and comparative knowledge of languages / incl. knowledge of the Balkan languages, structural linguistics, applied linguistics, sociolnguistics, psycholinguistics, mathematical linguistics, ethnolinguistics/
Theory and practice of translation
Bulgarian language
Slavic languages
German languages
2.2 History and archeology
Old history
Medieval general history
New and latest general history
History of Bulgaria
Archeology (incl. НNumismatics, epigraphy and paleography)
2.3. Philosophy
History of philosophy
Philosophy of law and politics
2.4. Religion and theology
3.1. Sociology, anthropology and science of culture


3.2. Psychology
Pedagogical and developmental psychology
Social psychology
General psychology
3.3 Political science
3.4. Social activities
Organization and management outside the sphere of material production (Social activities)
3.6 Law
Theory of the state and law
Constitutional law
Administrative law and administrative process
Financial law
Criminal law
History of law
Civil process
Civil and family law
International law and international relations
Criminal procedural law
3.7. Administration and management
Economics and management (industry)


3.8. Economy Political economy
Accounting report, control and analysis of the business activity
Finance, cash flow, credit and insurance (finance)
4.4. Earth science
Social-economic geography
Physical geography and Earth sciences
4.6. Informatics and computer science
8.2. Fine art
Science of art and fine arts – painting, stenography and church arts
Art and Fine Arts Science – Graphics, Graphic Design and Visual Communications, Drawing and Sculpture


The total payment amount is a sum of the following costs:
• 1000 euros for administrative expenses (payable upon enrollment)
• 1500 or 2000 euros per year depending on the course (studies lasting 3 years)
• 2000 euro cost for the defense of doctoral thesis (paid before defense)

The table below lists the annual cost of doctoral studies for foreign citizens in the school year 2017/2018 (expressed in euros).

Doctoral degree programmes: Doctoral / Specialist
Full time Part time Independent, with mentor
Theory and management of education 1500 1500 2000
Pedagogy 1500 1500 1500
Pedagogy of teaching in … 1500 1500 1500
Philology 1500 1500 1800
History and archeology 1500 1500 1900
Philosophy 1500 1500 1700
Religion and theology 1500 1500 1900
Sociology, anthropology and culture sciences 1 1500 1500 1500
Psychology 1500 1500 1500
Political science 1500 1500 1500
Social activities 1500 1500 1500
Social communication and informational sciences 1500 1500 1500
Law 1500 1500 1700
Administration and management 1500 1500 1500
Economy 1500 1500 1500
Tourism 1500 1500 1500
Earth sciences 2000 2000 2300
Mathematics 2000 2000 2100
Informatics and computer sciences 2000 2000 2500
Fine art 3800 3800 4000
Teaching in foreign language 3500 3500 3500
Programs for joint admission of foreign students under bilateral agreements with VTU 1500 1500 1500



Sveti Nikole: MA Milena Spasovska,, +389 78 827 914