An increasing demand

Computer science, especially in recent years, has been present everywhere. As technology evolves, there is a rising demand for engineers in various areas of computer science. In times when all companies are turning to online solutions, the demand for software engineers, web developers and designers and other IT experts is constantly on the rise. The constant demand is one of the major advantages of this profession.

Computer science is for innovators

We live in a digital age, where all innovations are developed with the help of computer systems.

The Faculty of Computer Science offers you the unique opportunity to be at the heart of the intellectual revolution. Computer science will be your ally in finding new ways of connecting things. First of all, it will allow you to understand how computer systems work, how we store information such as processed data etc.

Real-world projects

Becoming a great computer scientist means constant practice. As we have mentioned previously, our Faculty of Computer Sciences will help you do that! You’ll be able to work in modern computer laboratories, write programs in various programming languages, understand the base of web design, that will enable you to create something functional and useful.

Which careers could you pursue?

The students who gain knowledge in this area could have a significant advantage in terms of employment. The quality of the study programs will enable you to be competitive on the labor market both at home and worldwide. Because practical knowledge is the most important!

The students can work in companies and organizations of any type due to the universality of their knowledge and the possibility to apply that knowledge into many fields.

Some of our students work as experts in private IT companies, industry, NGOs, sales and marketing, as independent web developers etc.

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