Orce Simov, PhD, Dean

Dear students,

Today we are living in a world of globalization when quality and knowledge are more important than ever. Computer science, knowledge, and especially practical knowledge, opens all the gates around the world. It is therefore of great importance that the quality of the practical knowledge will be acquired by the student after completing the studies.

There is a deficit of quality IT staff around the world. Recruitment and professional engagement in companies and institutions is always linked to the practical knowledge that the candidate owns. Therefore, from the very beginning, candidates in almost every company spend a test period – they are given a certain project, that is, a work task they need to perform and depending on their abilities are offered or not working engagement.

The Faculty of Computer science within the ISU fully fits into these world trends. Practical knowledge is our priority task, with the only goal, the student can be immediately engaged in employee engagement in the current company or institution after completing the studies.

At our faculty we have equipped computer laboratories (modern software and hardware) where students through continuous practical work are able to successfully enter the world of computer knowledge. In the past three years, our graduates are already working (over 90%) in institutions and companies both in North Macedonia and abroad. Our students have a special success when they are applying for work in foreign companies in North Macedonia, where the knowledge of students is most important. Also, our students who have been already working in many countries outside North Macedonia, inform us that their diplomas are recognized everywhere in the world.

It is another confirmation of our successful internship and another challenge for the graduated from high school to enroll at our Faculty of Computer Science

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