Foreign candidates who wish to pursue their studies in Macedonian language programs offered by the International Slavic University are required to attend a two-semester preparatory course in Macedonian language (A1 and A2 level).

The Institute of Culture and Art at the International Slavic University (or a partner institution based on availability) provides a two-semester course specifically designed for foreign students. The total cost of the Macedonian language course (which includes the examination fee) is 1000 euros for both semesters.

During each semester, students will receive three months of lectures. After completing the first semester, the student will take an exam and upon successful completion, will be awarded a certificate for A1 level proficiency in the Macedonian language. After finishing the second semester, the student will take an exam to test their knowledge of A2 level Macedonian language proficiency.


  1. After receiving the Nostrification Decision from the Ministry of Education and Science, the candidate can sign an agreement to study one of the ISU study programs.
  2. After signing an agreement with ISU, the candidate receives a confirmation from the Student Affairs Service that he can start listening to a Macedonian language course organized by a partner organization of ISU.
  3. The candidate signs an agreement with the partner institution and follows the course for two semesters.
  4. After completing each semester, the candidate can take an exam, in order to obtain certificates A1 and A2 for knowledge of the Macedonian language.
  5. The candidate will start the study program next academic year, if he receives a certificate of knowledge of the Macedonian language. His status as a student will begin after successful completion of the course and obtaining certificates for knowledge of the Macedonian language.