Software Technologies (3+2)

Study program Software Technologies (3+2)

Study program: Software technologies
Faculty: Faculty of computer science
Degree: Bachelor’s degree / undergraduate / first cycle
Location: Sveti Nikole or Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia
Student status: full-time or part-time
Duration of study:  3 years (6 semesters)
Total number of courses: 24
ECTS: 180
Awarded degree: Bachelor of Computer Science
Tuition fee per year for international students: EUR 2030

Software technologies relate to the design, development and usage of complex information systems. In the teaching process we equally emphasize programming, and computer and software engineering, Through a range of practical exercises, tasks and real-world projects you will gradually attain knowledge of these fields. Computer systems are expected to function properly at any time, be user-friendly and flexible. And that is exactly where your career as a software engineer starts!

The courses introduce students to the basic concepts of programming,  algorithmic way of thinking for problem-solving, the architecture of computer systems and the way they function. In addition you will learn more about GIS projects, web development and design… Software technologies is a three-year study program with 180 ECTS credits.

The study program prepares the students for their careers as software engineers or software architects in the context of software engineering. Through individual and team work the students will have the opportunity to put into practice the lessons they learn. They will learn how various components are created and how they are used in software development.

In the time frame of the three – years study program there are 24 courses that the students have to pass. Each semester has 3 required and 2 elective courses. From 2 elective courses, the students choose only 1.

After the defense of the bachelor’s thesis you will earn a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

Study program • three – year degree program


Faculty of Computer science
Study program  Software Technologies, 180 ECTS
Bachelor of Computer Science
1 Basics of Programming Required 8 240
2 Application Software Required 8 240
3 Mathematics Required 8 240
4 Algorithms and Data Structure Elective 6 180
5 English Language Elective 6 180
6 Computer Architecture Required 8 240
7 Object-Oriented Programming Required 8 240
8 Geographic Information Systems Required 8 240
9 Essentials of Economics Elective 6 180
10 Basics of Computer Science Elective 6 180
1 Building WEB sites Required 8 240
2 Software Engineering Required 8 240
3 Software Requirements Analysis Required 8 240
4 Mathematics 2 Elective 6 180
5 Computer Networks Elective 6 180
6 Internet Technologies Required 8 240
7 IT Project Management Required 8 240
8 Software Ergonomics Required 8 240
9 GIS Application Software Elective 6 180
10 Essentials of Management Elective 6 180
1 Internet Programming Required 8 240
2 Databases 1 Required 8 240
3 Software construction Required 8 240
4 Operating Systems Elective 6 180
5 Computer Graphics Elective 6 180
6 Project Work Required 8 240
7 Visual Programming Required 8 240
8 Databases 2 Required 8 240
9 Artificial Intelligence Elective 6 180
10 System Software Elective 6 180


Enrollment requirements

We can only enroll students who have completed at least four-year secondary education in the Republic of North Macedonia or abroad with passed state, school or international matura exam (matriculation examination) or an equivalent.

Students from other accredited faculties, graduates and foreign citizens (regulated by law) also have the right to enroll.

The admissions process does not include entrance exams at the undergraduate level.

Required documents for international students

When applying for enrollment on the first cycle, candidates should submit the following documents:

For international students additional documents might be necessary. Documents for applications can be submitted at the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzavin” in Sveti Nikole, at the following address “Marshal Tito” No. 77 , and Bitola at the following address “Novachki pat” No. 16.

Tuition fees

Candidates can enroll as full-time or part-time students. The tuition fee per year for international students is EUR 2030. International students pay the whole amount of the yearly tuition fee at the beginning of the academic year.

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