PhD Lence Petreska

Dear students, future academic citizens

First of all, the main mission of each university is to create people, professionals and intellectuals who after completion of higher education can get involved in social and economic life and significantly contribute to the development of the community.

The International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin” has a great responsibility regarding the young people who will spend the next years at the University to acquire knowledge and skills, in exchange for ideas. Besides knowledge, our university also offers acquiring the first more serious life experiences. Therefore, as a responsible higher education institution, we are always open to changes and new ideas.

The profession you choose will likely make your major changes throughout your career. Therefore, your education must be flexible, of excellent quality and in accordance with the standards of the higher education.

The contemporary concept of education implies lifelong learning. The academic community is universal and global. It is not related only to our university or state. Being a student today means being a citizen of the world. The globalization and high-speed high tech development also reflect higher education and study. The knowledge you receive at university must be applicable everywhere in the world, and must be relevant for the next fifty years. Therefore, contracts for teaching, science and research have been signed with various universities. One of them, as our strategic partner is the Tambov State University, and for many years we have been functioning successfully as a Corporate University with the possibility of earning a double degree.

We live in a knowledge society and the knowledge is the most important business resource that divides the world into spheres that belong to the poor and the rich, the successful and the unsuccessful. You are now in a period of your life when you have to gain high quality education. With good education you will improve and facilitate your life and you will expand your perspective and enhance your abilities.

We invite you to join the large number of active students in all our study programs and cycles of studies (undergraduate and master), and to join the team of fifty leading professors and associates, as well as 20 professionals from the administrative and technical services with whom you will meet every day and share your beautiful moments. These people will unselfishly help you to solve all the uncertainties that will be an inevitable part of your student life.

On behalf of the university, I wish you good luck!

Rector of the International Slavic University,

Professor Lence Petreska, PhD