Dushan Nikolovski (Medium)

prof. doc. Dushan Nikolovski, rector

The International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin “- Sveti Nikole – Bitola, due to the vision of the founder of that initial idea which becomes reality, it allowed in a short period of time to develop a modern strategy for modern management, proper selection of human resources, quality office space with various university units, which created a recognisable brand in the modern educational process on the market in R. Macedonia.

The generated image of the university enabled the signing of more cooperation agreements with a number of reputable companies engaged in the field of business in Macedonia and abroad, where current and prospective students have and will have the option of upgrading their job skills and professional involvement in business. There have been signed agreements for teaching, scientific and research work with various universities, where one of them is our strategic partner – the Tambov State University, which is already successfully functioning as a Corporate University with the possibility of earning a dual degree. For the brand also witnesses the number of enrolled and graduated students, the number of professors involved, the structure of learning, the career development with completed studies and so on.

All this is part of the opportunities and challenges that future generations can share,  who will decide to continue their life education  on one of the faculties that operate in our university:

All these faculties, together with the teaching staff that is always positive, professional and friendly work with students, as yet, and it continues in that way, will tirelessly explore the scientific fields that are being studied and will be of benefit and feature of the present and prospective students.

Our goals are set, the strategy has already been successfully implemented, and the road to success has already been clearly defined. Achievements make the International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin” modern and worthy of respect in the Macedonian society and beyond.

Therefore, dear future academics, before you is the possibility to become part of those who have declared themselves as our students. With this, you are making another step towards mutual success that will make you part of the large group of students which have earned  their knowledge at one of the reputable faculties on the International Slavic University.

On behalf of the university, I wish you good luck!