Institute of Culture and Art

The main activities of the Institute for Culture and Art and its main function is scientific research and educational activities, activities in the field of culture and art, publishing, and promotion of artistic values ​​created in the teaching-scientific process of the International Slavic University.

The Institute seeks to perform and promotes activities in the field of artistic creativity by engaging independent artists, writers, musicians, directors, producers, actors and other artists and performers of cultural and artistic creation.

The institute of Culture and Arts through its programme directions is committed on developing and promoting creative, artistic activities, such as production and promotion of art and exhibitions, promotion of activities in performing arts such as theatre performances, concerts and other stage performances, cultural events, protection of cultural heritage and librarianship.

The Institute is the organizer of all events at the MSU that are related to culture and art – celebration of Russian holiday Maslenitsa with Russian ensembles, co-production of theatre together with GAT “Scene 71”, performances by prominent Macedonian musicians in the university buildings.