Students association

Students’ association at ISU was established in 2007.

The students’ association has many activities during the academic year, and generally their activities are based on participation and organization of the events at the university.

Free workshops and training courses are organized through the Students’ association for our students, but also for other interested citizens.

Every year the Students’ association takes part in the organization of the international scientific conference in Sveti Nikole within the organization of ISU, they take part in student exchanges, prepositions for organizing events and etc. The students organize workshops, charity events, blood donating actions, student parties and field trips.

Another activity which repeats yearly is Sofra, an international culinary competition where our students take part with two teams – one from Sveti Nikole and the other from Bitola. The competition is held in Ohrid and is hosted by ISU in cooperation with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in North Macedonia and etc.

The greatest advantage of the Students’ association is the possibility that the students are offered with to socialize with each other and to share ideas, innovations, creativity. They also organize the traditional mountaineering march to the monastery Treskavec in Prilep, where not only our students hike, but also their professors, assistants, administrative workers and other guests.