International law, EU law and diplomacy (3+1+1) – old study program

Study program International Law, EU Law and Diplomacy (3+1+1)

This study program is no longer active. Please visit the page of the new study program.

Study program: International law, EU law and diplomacy
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Type of Studies: elective module on the Bachelor’s Degree studies (first cycle)
Location: Sveti Nikole or Bitola
Duration of study: 1 year (2 semesters)
Condition: to have completed the three-year general studies and have earned 180 ECTS
Courses: 6
ECTS of the program: 60
ECTS after completion: 240
Awarded degree: Bachelor of Laws
Tuition fee per year for international students: EUR 2030

Now more than ever, countries and international organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, face problems that could be solved through joint, global efforts and international cooperation and diplomacy.

The growing challenges are characteristics of all countries. We are all interdependent – whether it’s security issues, economics, transnational communication channels, trade, capital flows.

This study program will help students gain advanced knowledge in the field of international law, EU law and diplomacy.

The program is designed according to the latest trends and international experiences. With this study program we want to answer the current and future needs for professional staff that is capable of dealing with various aspects of the topic.

One-year study program • fourth year

International Law, EU Law and Diplomacy is one of the five elective modules the student can choose from after completing the three-year general studies.

This study program is for students who want to continue their legal education and have a specific legal profession.

The study program lasts one year (two semesters, 60 ECTS), and after its completion and defense of the Bachelor’s thesis, the student is awarded with a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Faculty of Law
Study program: International Law, EU law and Diplomacy
Bachelor of Law
1 Research Methodology Required 8 240
2 International Human Rights Law Required 8 240
3 Diplomatic and Consular Law Required 8 240
4 International Organizations Required 6 180
5 International Law, EU Law and Diplomacy – Applied Program Required 14 420
6 Bachelor’s Thesis Preparation Required 16 480


Enrollment requirements

We can only enroll students who have completed the three-year general studies and have earned 180 ECTS.

Tuition fees

Candidates can enroll as full-time or part-time students. The tuition fee per year for international students is EUR 2030. International students pay the whole amount of the yearly tuition fee at the beginning of the academic year.

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