Bachelor’s degree

The faculty of economy and organization of entrepreneurship offers the students two study programmes on the four year bachelor studies.

Our bachelor studies offer you more than just an academic title. Through the internship and the workshops we organize during classes and after classes, we will help you acquire the basic skills, knowledge and experience to build yourself as a good economist – manager.

Studying at the Faculty of Economics and the organization of entrepreneurship can help you develop the necessary skills needed for successful business management. The courses that are covered in our programmes reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the business. During the studies you will have courses related to accounting, finance, management, business law, tax system, etc.


Факултет за економија | 2017

Уписите на додипломските и последипломските студии на Факултетот за економија се веќе започнати! ⏰Менаџментот и економијата се тесно поврзани со креативноста и иновациите. Доколку сте креативни и мотивирани – припаѓате овде!И Вие сакате да студирате економија и менаџмент? 🤔 Прочитајте повеќе на: 🙂Официјален руски партнерски универзитет. 🇲🇰 🇷🇺

Posted by Меѓународен Славјански Универзитет „Г. Р. Державин“ on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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