About Faculty

As one of the youngest faculties of the ISU, Faculty of safety engineering this year has its second generation graduates on two study programmes:

This Faculty as the first  and only  of its kind in the Republic of North Macedonia provides education to professionals for health and safety at work and fire safety, also provides more efficient and successful implementation of European legislation in the field of safety and health of workers at work place.

What is Safety at work?

Safety at work means preventive enforcement of certain measures and regulations concerning the safety of human health on the workplace. On this faculty, you will learn the possible dangers to human health in certain areas, how to recognize them and how to eliminate them.

Fire safety means protection in situation of fire, tools and appliances for safely extinguishing, tactics for intervention and rescue, and above all preventing its occurrence.

A chance to change the world

In a world where each passing day becomes more complicated and more vulnerable, people want to feel safe anywhere and even the workplace is no exception.

As part of these studies, our students will learn how to gather information on possible risks which arise from improper use of appliances and work tools, to analyze and prevent them happen.

Equipped with an extensive knowledge of technology and psychology on the workplace, students will be able to make decisions related to safety and thereby protect the environment, and people living in it.

Experts are our goal

The programme’s goal is to enable students to apply their scientific and professional achievements in the field of management and engineering in order to be able to manage the safety at work and fire safety in different organizations.

Academic title of bachelor studies is Engineer for safety, and Safety fire engineer, while the academic title of Master studies is Master of Safety at work, and Master in Fire safety.

Contemporary programmes for quality engineers

Faculty of Engineering has its own accreditation under the Law of Higher Education. The teaching process at the Faculty of safety engineering is harmonized with the Bologna Declaration and it introduced the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

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